For many of us, the proverbial gerbil wheel we call work is slowly driving us out of our minds. Our days blend together in a blur of coffee (or Red Bull), deadlines, and meetings. The average 9 to 5 worker has a day that probably looks something like this:

  • Get woken out of a deep sleep by one or more of your children
  • Try not to think about the long, boring day ahead of you
  • Sit in rush hour traffic for an hour, maybe longer
  • Plop yourself down at your desk and look at your screensaver, which is some tropical island paradise and wish you were there
  • <Blackout> Lunch <Blackout>
  • Drive another hour or more home

Do this every day for years on end and you will find yourself on the verge of imploding. We all need to find an outlet that will allow us to take our minds off of the daily grind of life.

Just think of all the news stories we hear about where a pissed off worker comes to work with an automatic rifle and shoots up his office. I’m sure some of these people had emotional disorders or some other issues, but I really think it can happen to anyone.

Humans can only take so much before they lose touch with all reality and snap. With all the stresses of life beating us into submission every hour of every day, it seems like only a matter of time for any of us.

I think the reason vacations are given as part of your employment benefits are not so we can enjoy some leisure time with our families, but rather that we don’t go f**king insane!

Speaking from personal experience, I can honestly say that I have come pretty close to throwing in the towel and letting life’s misery take me down. Fortunately, having two children who need a coherent and responsible father keeps me grounded, otherwise I might end up working vomit detail in a Chuck E Cheese or living in some remote fishing village in Southern Laos.

Finding An Out

We all need an “out” in life. These the things that keep us sane. A lot of guys take hunting trips, go drinking with the boys, or game out on the XBOX 360. Whatever it is, we need it.

Women, especially mothers, need their own time as well. You can have the greatest kids in the world, but after 4 days of no school and listening to them whine and fight all day long, they start to resemble the girl from ‘The Exorcist’.

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