Share Your Story


When I had initially started doing this in 2011, I was looking for real life accounts from those who were either trapped in a grind and working their way out or of those who had already managed to escape their grind.

Going forward, I’ve decided to focus on sharing experiences from people who have successfully ended their grind. And your grind could be leaving a shitty job, breaking out of an unfulfilling or unhealthy relationship, or ridding yourself of a terrible situation.

I want your stories to inspire people to take action on creating a better life and I want them to teach people how to do what you did.

Please read these points carefully. I am not looking for how-to or advice articles. I am only interested in your personal story!

So here’s what I’m specifically looking for:

  • Personal accounts from those who have successfully ended their grinds. Whether it’s the shitty job you quit or the unhealthy relationship you ended, I want to hear how, why, and when you escaped and what you’re working on now to become a happier person.
  • Something that will be highly useful. For example, many of my readers are looking to create online businesses, so those who have successfully done so, I want to hear when you started it, how you built it, and what you are doing now. There should be concrete takeaways or a healthy dose of inspiration. Preferably both.
  • Make it interesting. I’ve received far too many posts that appear to have been written by Data from Star Trek after he smoked a pound and a half of weed laced with Xanax. Don’t be fucking boring. If you were so angry at your boss that you wanted to piss in their morning coffee, I want to hear about it. (no photos if you actually did it!)
  • Make it between 800-1,200 words or so.
  • Send it as a Word doc and I’ll handle the formatting.
  • Use a catchy headline. Nobody will read your post if your headline sucks! Believe me, I know from experience! And for pete’s sake, use sub headers to break up the post.
  • Include your bio. Just a few paragraphs about how awesome you are. And no need to attach a photo. I’ll take care of it.

Let’s Get This Party Started!

I honestly want this to help people, so please don’t try to pitch me if you are just looking to add another website to your “Featured In” list. I’m also pretty strict with content quality and grammar, so expect some edits.

To submit, either use my contact form or email me directly at steve [at] endingthegrind [dot] com.

Thanks to all of you and I’m looking forward to reading your stories!