How often do we come to a point in our lives when we’ve just had enough? Enough of everything.

We all have a breaking point, it just depends on the level of stress in our lives and how well we can handle it.

How many of us can think of a time, maybe even last week, that we just sat at our desk and stared blankly at our computer screen?  We sit in a vegetative state pondering our lives and wondering how we ended up in this predicament.

A boring dead end office job, a mortgage we can barely afford, more responsibilities than we want or need, and an overwhelming sense to just get out of it all.

We can’t do this of course. We have kids to care for, bills to pay, blah, blah, blah.

It’s just so depressing to think we aren’t doing the things we always wanted to when we were younger. Even worse still is the fact that most of us never will.

Many of the things I wanted to do 10 years ago are now put on hold indefinitely. This comes with having children and settling down, but it’s still tough to swallow. We are now relegated to taking a night once a month to play cards or to grab a beer with a buddy.

Of course the big “prize”of working the job is our beloved vacation time (if we can even afford to go). Two whole weeks off! That doesn’t even begin to make a dent in our unhappiness.

Then what? It’s back to the grind for the other 50 weeks. Awesome!

A Lifetime of Average

I’ve never looked at the numbers before (and now I know why), but we spend a minimum of 2,000 hours a year at our jobs. Over a life time, that’s 90,000 hours. Holy shit. All those hours pissed away to a job you don’t like,  living paycheck to paycheck, and wishing you we’re doing something else.

That’s pretty powerful stuff. Spending 90,000 hours doing something you have little or no interest in is insanity! Don’t get me wrong here, if we ALL did exactly what we wanted, nothing would ever get done and we’d have 350 million people living in cabanas on a remote tropical island paradise.

What could we do, who could we become, what impact could we have on the lives of others if only we had those 90,000 hours to do with as we wished.

If you could so end a typical work day doing something you absolutely loved, would you be happier? Yes. What if you were doing something that made the world a better place. Could you make a difference?

I think about these things every single day when I slump into my office chair. “What if’s” abound.

Given my viewpoint on this topic, I often hear “this is just how life is”. Those people are hopeless in my opinion. They have accepted life based on what they have, not what they can achieve.

I truly feel sorry for people who think life is supposed to be a grind and we just need to do what we’re “supposed” to. Life will have its challenges for sure, but it doesn’t have to suck. Not by a long shot.

I’ve come to a time in my life where I am completely worn out, mentally and physically. At almost 40, I’m still grinding out 8 hours each day of unfulfilling work, coping with abnormally high stress levels, trying as hard as I can to turn this blog into something great, and I’m tapped out.

I know without a doubt that there are millions of others just like me.

Where does it end? Or does it?

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