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The School Years

I’ve always fallen into things.

From the very beginning, schoolwork came easy to me. And I became really good at providing exactly what the teachers/professors wanted while putting in minimal effort.

This allowed me to get into honors programs in school. Followed by honors and AP classes in high school were honors programs in college. Followed by the opportunity to get my Masters degree in accounting within my 4 year stay at the university.

I fell into it all. I stuck with it all. Because it “made sense.”

Post-School, Pre-Job

One graduation and a month and a half of travels later, reality set in. I had school loans I needed to pay off and no plans of making money. I had to get a job!

While this was, in all honesty, a miserable time, one thing stuck with me from this period.  It was a conversation with a business owner.

His story was so similar to mine it was uncanny. He too studied accounting. He too didn’t feel like sitting for the CPA exam. It went on and on. Until at the end he told me “you’re just like me, you want to do your own thing…you’ll figure it out.”

But at the time I hadn’t figured it out. I needed a job. So on a drive home one night, when I had to pull over the car for my drunk friend to “get some air”, I fell into one.

When he got back into the car he suggested that I apply for a job at the place whose parking lot he had just decorated with his dinner. So, on a whim, I did.

It didn’t really take me very long to get sick of that job…

The Job Years


I became an accountant for one of the largest real estate field services companies in the country. Although I lasted over 2 years there, it was a terrible time.

I was surrounded by people who were very negative. They talked behind each others backs constantly and threw each other under the bus with no after thought. And as much as I tried to avoid the behavior, it’s very contagious.

Quite frankly it was a massive culture shock moving from working with people who were smarter than me for 4 years in college to people who “have always done it this way.”

Did I mention the bosses that would lie straight to my face after saying “you’re probably smarter than me”  …well yeah…then don’t lie to me!

The Thought Transition…

I quickly realized that this job wasn’t the job for me. This place wasn’t the place for me.

I wasn’t doing myself any good. I wasn’t doing anyone else any good either. What good am I providing to anyone working in a job I hate? What people am I really helping?

To kill off some of the boredom of my job I began reading blogs. I started one soon after.

It was yet another culture shock!

Connecting with like minded people sparked something in me. These were people that truly wanted to help each other. People building a community around a common goal. People that genuinely wanted to help, not throw each other under the bus.

I realized that I don’t have to go the normal path of working my way up the ladder in a dead-end job (assuming there was even a ladder to climb up on).

I read of other people’s experiments, failures and successes. And I wanted to experience it for myself.

A few months after starting my first blog I realized what my mission was: to create my own reality; one not dictated by a thankless boss. I transitioned into Reality Burst, the blog I have now.

One of the first things I did was interview over 40 bloggers to analyze their successes and aspirations. This only motivated me more.

I saved up enough to pay off my school loans, and enough to go a few months without a paycheck, and quit my job.


And Now…

Over the past few months I have been planning and scheming my world takeover!

But seriously, freedom isn’t as “free” as most people would think. It’s easy to daydream about a life with no job. But the reality of no steady income (and in my case no income at all) is far more serious than your imagination will allow you to think.

Luckily I have no debts to pay off, and no family to support (a major reason I decided to do this now). And the seriousness of the situation is nothing I didn’t expect.

At the moment I am working on a few niche sites to establish “passive” income down the line, starting a service business related to Internet marketing, and hopefully a few digital products will come along the way.

This is definitely overwhelming, and a lot of work.

Many people say that you should stick to one thing and perfect it. But I don’t have the patience or attention span for it. I don’t want to keep my eggs in one basket. I want to keep myself interested in every project by working on multiple projects.

I am trying to establish a business where I call the shots and a lifestyle where I no longer fall into things. A lifestyle where I decide where I’m going and what I’m doing. A lifestyle that doesn’t necessarily make sense to anyone else, but it’ll make sense to me.

On a side note: It only took the replacement at my old job about a month to see the environment and quit. A far smarter man than I was J.

Eugene Farber is in the pursuit of creating his own reality. He recently quit his job to take charge of his life and start his own business. You can follow his journey at and on Twitter @EugeneFarber.

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