ETG Podcast: Episode 3

I spend a fair amount of time reading blogs. Sometimes I’m looking for specific information on improving my business, other times I’m looking for new posts to read and sometimes I find an exceptional blog.

A few weeks ago, I saw a Tweet from Ash Ambirge about a blog called Never heard of it.

But given how much respect I have for Ashley, I checked it out. I’m so glad I did!

It’s very rare that I find a site that I can’t leave. I’m not talking about some of the sales pages I end up having to click a “Yes” box a dozen times to close it out. I’m talking about a site that I cannot pry my eyes away from.

After reading Matthew Stillman’s bio, I was fascinated. Matthew takes helping others to a new level. is a wonderfully creative and artistic approach to sharing his knowledge, insights, creativity, and empathy with strangers in need.

Several days each week, Matthew takes a table, 2 chairs and a sign reading “Creative Approaches To What You Have Been Thinking About” to Union Station in New York City. He then opens shop and waits for people to come and sit down.

His stories from these encounters are magnificent. First off, he is a fantastic writer and secondly, he seems to know a lot of shit! It doesn’t matter if it’s a religious freedom fighter or a  local gang member sitting with him, Matthew has some words of wisdom for them.

What impresses me most about Matthew is that he isn’t doing this for the money. He has a small sign that reads “Leave What You Can, Take What You Need” and runs the risk of losing money every day. He is doing this to help people and to open their eyes to possibilities that they can’t see. It a true gift he is giving.

So, after reading his posts for an hour and a half straight, I emailed him and asked for an interview.

Is he a successful Internet entrepreneur? No. Is he is millionaire? I don’t think so. Has he skyrocketed to blogging super-stardom? Not yet. (although I think he certainly will).

The reason I wanted to interview him and share his story with my listeners is simple. We can learn something very important from him about having success in life. And that’s being in service to others.

It’s my belief that the greatest wealth in life can be derived from giving.

My chat with Matthew was very interesting and was actually the first Podcast interview I recorded (don’t be too harsh on the poor quality).

I hope you enjoy our interview and one day, I’m going to drive to NYC and sit in his chair!

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