I probably should have written this post when I actually published my free eBook, Success Secrets Of 28 Professional Bloggers, a week ago, but hey, I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out.

Actually, I wouldn’t even have thought to write about it at all, but I got an email from Chris Guthrie suggesting that I do it.

I had an idea to reach out to as many successful bloggers as I could and ask them 1 question about their success. My question was regarding what they felt made them different from the millions of other bloggers who struggle to make any money at all.

The responses I received were awesome!

If you have any interest in building a profitable blog or website, I strongly suggest you download my free eBook. Doing so will also sign you up for my virtually worthless, poorly constructed newsletter, which will flood your email inbox with spam every day!

Seriously though, you WILL get a ton of great ideas and tips from some of the best minds in blogging.

The list of bloggers included are:

There is some very insightful and useful information included in this 38 page eBook and can be applied to your business immediately.

Just in case you missed the previous download links, you can sign up HERE to receive Success Secrets of 28 Professional Bloggers.

I hope you find this resource helpful and I wish you all good luck in your online business adventures!

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