Last week I posted an article, Help Me Help You Jerry Maguire Style, which was a survey asking for your feedback. I really wanted to find out more about you and what you were looking for. The goal was to find out why you read this blog, what’s holding you back from ending your own grind, and what I could do (if anything) to help you.

This was my first survey and I had no idea what to expect as far as a response. As it turns out, I received a significant number of responses and the information you all shared was extremely insightful.

I’ve been poring through all the responses looking for common themes, areas I can improve upon, and ideas for future posts and products. In addition to that, I found some very eye opening remarks.

As I read through them, I could literally feel the pain, despair, and frustration calling out. The reality of these responses hit me pretty hard. I realized just how unhappy people really are with their jobs and often with their lives.

People want answers and solutions to these problems and I haven’t been giving them. That will change.

The Survey

Of all the feedback I received, there were a handful that forced me to look at what I’m doing here. What am I offering here that is beneficial to you? What do you need from me? I found answers to these questions, which made this survey invaluable.

in addition, I’d like to share some of the responses that hit me the hardest. By the way, there were all anonymous.

Why You Read Ending The Grind

“Because I’m sick of tweeting #ihatemyjob two days a week. I’ve been in this job for over a year and have hated every day of it. I want to read other’s success stories and find useful tips for developing my own business or otherwise quitting the Grind.”

I often search the #ihatemyjob tags and it’s frightening. Far too many people are completely miserable and it sucks. This person’s response sums up the feelings of millions of us. It’s heart breaking to see this, truly.

“I can relate to you and your desire to “end the grind” I am in my early 40’s and want nothing more than to end the grind. Looking for ideas on what works and what others have done.”

Another middle aged person stuck in the grind. This is an awful place to be. I know because I’m right there with them. We’ve spent 25 years working for the man and now we’re stuck. Clearly, this person needs direction and if I don’t at least try to help them, I have failed.

“Steve you’re entertaining to read- you make me laugh. I have a plan and by reading about motivating “job quitters” it helps me to stay focused (rather than feeling depressed at work).”

Sometimes all we need is a little reminder of why we’re doing what we’re doing to get out of the grind. If this blog can help one person remember why they are busting their ass right now, it’s all worth it.

“I left my full time job to attend law school. Now that I am admitted to practice, there are no jobs out there, I am constantly looking for inspiration and that is where this blog enters the picture! I would also like to start a blog but haven’t done so yet.”

This is soooo frustrating for me to see. Here we have a very well educated person who has undoubtedly spent six figures on their education and they can’t find work. And what happens when they do find work? They might hate the 80-100 work weeks that comes along with being a new attorney. I would love to help this person create a blog and get them started. There, you have your invitation mystery law dog…

“Something tells me that I really want the content of this blog!”

Please don’t steal my shit. Thank you 🙂 You can however submit it to ProBlogger and CopyBlogger and tell them where you found it!

“Steve, this is by far the most incredibly sensational blog on the entire internet. If the closest computer was 100 miles away, I would walk there blindfolded through the snow just to read your latest post!”

OK fine, I made this one up……

What’s Holding You Back From Ending Your Grind?

“Creating the time to do what I love on a consistent basis. I have 3 little kids and a full time job. Also convincing my subconscious that my passion is at least as (actually more) important than my job.”

This is an area that I think so many people get caught up in. Our whole lives we are taught how important it is to have a “secure” job. Slowly, we begin to give up on our passions and dreams. We choose to see the reality that others want for us or think is best, but often times, it’s not. Doing what we love is not something that can wait any longer. At some point it will be too late. Do it now or you never will!

“I am stuck in a trap of too many hours, too many bills ( mortgage, utilities, etc) and I can’t make WordPress work. (grr on this last post!)”

Here is someone who, like me, is struggling with finances, too little time, and technical difficulties. I’m sincerely hoping this person does not quit because WordPress is being a pain in the ass. When I started this blog, I actually bought WordPress For Dummies and read it cover to cover. I was clueless. If the person who wrote this is reading this, email me and I will help you.

“Money considerations, mainly. I have to pay down some debt and build up some savings before I can responsibly quit. (Have a husband, mortgage, dogs to consider.)”

Quitting responsibly is by far the best approach. I would never suggest that someone up and quit without having a plan. This is 10 times more important when you have a family that depends on your paycheck to survive. This reader is doing it right. Get your finances in order and then look at your options.

“I quit my job last week! Can I guest post my story on your site?!”

um..maybe. Send me your info and I’ll take a look 🙂

“Fear of failure (obviously) and being programmed to believe that you’re suppose to work for other people for a pay cheque. I’m working on re-programming myself.”

The fear of failure is incredibly strong and can suck our dreams right out of us. We MUST get over this if we’re going to change our lives. And we have been programmed to believe that we’re supposed to trade our time for a paycheck. This is not how it has to be! Our paychecks are only secure as long as our employers choose to make them secure.

“I did leave my job but now my savings are almost depleted so I have to make that big decision – go find a job or take the plunge and go out on my own. The mortgage and student loans are forever lurking in the background, unfortunately.”

The reality of entrepreneurship is that you may fail. The statistics say that you will fail. Fuck that. If you have the will and the commitment, you can make it happen for yourself. I don’t know your personal situation and only you can make the call if going back to work is the right thing to do, but I honestly hope you push forward and make it happen.

What Can I do To Help You End Your Grind?

“Keep us motivated by your interesting posts and sharing life experiences – it’s good to feel as if we are not alone!”

You definitely are not alone! I know it can often feel like we are alone, especially when we’re sitting in our quite little cubicles waiting for the day to end. There are millions of people in the same situation. Sad, but true. You need to feel connected and that’s a good thing. Hopefully, this is a place where that can happen.

“I have pinpointed my passions but don’t know how to monetize them and thus change my life.”

This is a huge issue for many. Often, just figuring out our passions is an arduous task, but figuring out how to earn income from them can be even more challenging. I. like Gary V, believe that any passion can be monetized. I personally don’t believe that a market needs to be found first. I believe that we can create a market if none exists. You need to get creative and tell one hell of a good story.

“I know you gotta make some money, honey. I am becoming a bit of an eBook addict — and I liked your free eBook you sent when I joined your newsletter! I don’t listen to podcasts, but have you considered a modest subscription fee? Or even paid-member’s-only Ending the Grind content?

Me, I’m willing to pay… just not always able. There are days when even a $20 purchase makes me wonder if I have enough money in my bank account, ya know? So keep writing amazing content! I can’t wait for the day when you can finally end your grind!”

This was very flattering and I appreciate the comment. I haven’t considered a membership site but I am working on an eBook….slowly

“Do you babysit?”

Yes, but I charge $60 per hour…let me know 🙂

“Without a job, I am now broke. Lets figure out ways to make money together!”

Hell, yes! It’s sink or swim time. Get your Speedo ready because it’s ON!

“Keep doing what you’re doing. The stories of others on your site are so inspiring and really make me feel like I’m not the only one who feels this way and like escape is possible!”

Keep that hope alive because it is possible for you to live the life you want and deserve. You were not given a life sentence. You can walk free one day.

“Pay my bills!!!! hahaha I like your blog, I wouldn’t change it. I do like the guest posts but I prefer when you’re the author. Keep up the great work!”

I was getting ready to send you a check but I just realized that I don’t have your name or address…damn..As far as the writing goes, thanks for the kind words and I am planning to start writing more frequently.

“Talk a bit more about what drove your subscription numbers up. Talk about the very beginnings and how you got those first few fans of your blog. Talk about the day you got your first email subscriber. No one talks about the very beginnings. Everyone talks about what to do when you’ve got 3k people on your email list, but they don’t talk about how to GET those 3k people. This is the most challenging thing for a young business. Those first few fans are critical!”

This is great feedback. I never thought of it like that, but you’re right! I will be taking your suggestion and am planning on writing such a post in the near future.

“Provide real tips for how to make the transition versus tips for folks with low overhead and dead end, small paycheck jobs. Not the reality for millions of people out there.”

Providing actual tips is one thing that I have done a poor job at and coincidentally is one of the most requested things in the survey. Noted and will get to work on it!

“Just keep doing what you have been doing. 🙂 I suffer from adult ADD and find it very hard to keep my concentration and focus on what I need to do to earn money. I’m subscribed via email and it seems that the emails always seem to come at a time when I need it. Thank you for the wonderful blog!”

Creating a successful internet business is hard enough without ADD! Information overload is rampant and there are always a dozen things to do. I’m glad my posts are timely and get you through your day. Love this….

“Frankly, I’m not sure! Help me to identify my purpose, tools/tips about the online world to help me reach there (where?).”

This is the lost soul. I know because I’ve been there and it wasn’t all that long ago. We know they we want do do something, we just don’t know what it is. A million thoughts run through our heads and it all becomes overwhelming. I will be writing a post about this topic, but for the reader who wrote this, please send me an email. I can help steer you in the right direction…

Thanks To You!!

I want to sincerely thank each person who was thoughtful enough to answer my questions. My plan is to create an even better resource here based around the information you’ve provided.

Keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting things to come……

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