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Sick and Tired of Sick and Tired

How often do we come to a point in our lives when we’ve just had enough? Enough of everything. We all have a breaking point, it just depends on the level of stress in our lives and how well we can handle it. How many of us can think of a time, maybe even last […]

What To Do When You Hate Your Job

Working a job is part of life. At some point, virtually all of us will have worked for someone else. There are those who go on to own their own companies and there are those who will work for the man for their entire lives. Unfortunately, far too many people are dissatisfied with their careers. […]

Crusader or Complainer?

I seem to have come under fire recently for some of my posts. As it turns out, not everyone think that jobs rants are funny and/or interesting. I wanted to take some time to explain why I write about this subject. First off, the main idea behind this website is to reach people who are […]

Things Can Always Be Worse

If you’ve read any of my blog posts then you know exactly how much I hate my job. If the whole point of this site wasn’t about getting out of a miserable job, I guess I would just be complaining… Even though I am walking around in a constant state of misery, I sometimes will take a moment […]

Escape From Office Hell

I’ve probably watched ‘Office Space’ five or six times over the last few years and I always get chills down my spine during a particular scene. It’s when Peter says ” We don’t have a lot of time on this earth. We weren’t meant to spend it this way. Human beings were not meant to […]

Great Quotes From Office Space

This is truly a great movie for so many different reasons, but I think the fact that it hits so close to home for all of us 9 to 5 grinders, is what makes it so entertaining. Many of the quotes from ‘Office Space’ exemplify our true feelings about our office lives. While most of us can’t outwardly express […]

life sucks quotes

The Best "Life Sucks" Quotes

Chances are that if you found this post, you are not happy with things. Maybe your job sucks, maybe your your home life sucks, maybe the relationship you are in sucks. Or maybe your life actually does suck! I can speak from first hand experience when I say that life can suck, but it doesn’t […]

A Case Of The Mondays

As part of my new “Office Space” Monday posts, I thought it fitting that I start with this scene. Office Space is such a simple movie, yet pretty much sums up the mundane lives of millions upon millions of hard working Americans, including yours truly. When I think of Mondays, I don’t see Monday Night […]

A Brief History Of (My) Time

When I started blogging back in 2008 on my fitness site, I knew absolutely nothing about the online world. I also had zero money to invest in learning how to do it so I taught myself how to use WordPress, read about a dozen books, watched a ton of how-to videos on YouTube, and talked […]

What Keeps You Sane?

For many of us, the proverbial gerbil wheel we call work is slowly driving us out of our minds. Our days blend together in a blur of coffee (or Red Bull), deadlines, and meetings. The average 9 to 5 worker has a day that probably looks something like this: Get woken out of a deep sleep […]