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Suddenly, Inspired

This is a guest submission by Dalene from HeckticTravels.com It was becoming a routine. Our frequent emails for updates: “What are you doing this weekend?  Did you watch The Office last night?” were divulging into tirades about my boss, my work piling up, or about any number of people that were pushing my buttons in […]

Leaving The Grind To Live My Dreams

This is a guest post from Kim at So-Many-Places.com It was on an early spring hike with my husband Brian that I first remember discussing the idea of giving up everything to travel the world. It had been a long, gray winter, as Oregon winters are, and we were both in low spirits. Life was […]

Goodbye Office, Hello World!

This is a guest post from Jill at JackandJillTravel.com I just gave my 3-week notice to my employer and I managed not to skip and sing my way out of my soon-to-be ex-employer’s office. Let’s just get this out of the way: I don’t hate my job. I don’t have any reasons to. As a […]