I want to first say that I think Twitter rocks! I’ve only been using it for a month or so and I am loving it. I’ve connected with some awesome people, made some great contacts and learned a ton.

But being the nitpicking, analytical, OCD type person that I am, I have a few grievances already. Or maybe I just like to complain…

Here are some of my least favorite things to see on Twitter, and I’m probably not alone here:

  1. People that auto blast their tweets. Even if you have some incredibly interesting things to say, nobody wants to see them every 2 minutes. Does anyone really need to send out 200 tweets in one day?ย  Can you say unfollow…
  2. Automatic DM’s. When I find someone who seems to have something interesting to say, I follow them. When I get a DM shortly thereafter thanking me for the follow and letting me know about their kick ass blog, Facebook URL, and links to their eBook, it’s going to make me do one thing. And that’s unfollow you ASAP. People may think they are being personal by sending a ‘thank you’ for following them, but it’s actually a lot more impersonal. Send me an actual Direct Message and I will respond, otherwise I will ignore you.
  3. Endless streams ofย  sales pitches. I get it. Internet marketers need to make money and this is a great way to get in front of people. However, when you promote something 50 times each day, it’s highly annoying and reduces the chance I will buy something from you to zero.
  4. Quotes. I like quotes as much as the next guy, but Twitter is saturated with people streaming “life changing” quotes incessantly. If I wanted to read quotes all day, I know where to look. It’s called the Internet. Say something about the quotes you send. Add something to the conversations. Just a thought.
  5. Spammers. Just annoying as ever. Do they really think that following you is going to result in a sale? All is see is some random picture, no profile, and a slew of misspellings. Well, I guess we will never be rid of them…
  6. The immense time suck that is Twitter. I have realized that Twitter is a very powerful marketing tool and has helped me connect with people I never would have otherwise. Twitter is all about building relationships with others and that, of course, takes time. Most bloggers I know have a very busy schedule, so time spent chatting on here will be limited. So the question becomes ‘do we spend our time here networking’? or ‘do we limit it and do something else’?
  7. People that reply to your comments, have discussions with you, yet never follow you. This is one I don’t understand. Are you really that selective when choosing who to follow? If you took the time to talk with me, there must have been some interest there. Besides, if I turn out to be an asshole you can always block me….
  8. Having followers that never respond to you. I’m not talking about spammers or people just looking to get followed back. I’m talking about the people who are in your niche, made initial contact, maybe made a comment about how great your site is, and then disappear. I realize that people are busy and they may have hundreds of people they chat with on a daily basis, but come on now…check your @mentions. I’m in there….

All in all, the issues I have are relatively insignificant and will not keep me from using Twitter. When my list gets to 25, maybe I will reconsider…

If you would like to add something that annoys you about Twitter, I would love to hear it!!

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