Why is it that when I’m talking to someone and I ask them about their job they usually respond with something like “it could be worse”, “it’s a paycheck”, or “it pays the bills”?

Is it because they don’t want to complain, don’t want to seem like ungrateful brats, or maybe actually think that living like this is OK?

Well, its’ not! Working for simply a means to and end is not living your life. It’s grinding.

I wish people would be more upfront and honest and speak what’s really on their minds. And that’s that they hate their fucking jobs more than they ever thought possible. Their jobs are holding them captive from a better life. The truth is that they would love to do something more fulfilling or inspiring but they feel like they can’t.

I suppose we can blame society or our prideful culture for why we can’t just tell it like it is. It’s this “everything is great” face we feel like we need to put on in public that pisses me off. I know your job sucks, you know your job sucks, so why not just tell it straight up?

Online, it’s not nearly as bad because of the whole “you will never meet me/ anonymity” thing. I get comments and emails all the time with horror stories from people who are at their wits end. It’s real and I love it. Why? Because once you acknowledge it, you can move forward and work on making a change. Trying to fool yourself into thinking that working a shit job with no real meaning is acceptable is a poor way to spend your life.

In my perfect world, people would tell it like it is.

A perfect example of what we typically hear:

Me: “John, how was your day at the office?”

John: “Oh, pretty good. I’m up for a big promotion next month and that means a nice raise and another week of paid vacation”.

What he is really thinking:

Me: “John, how was your day at the office?”

John: “I hope my miserable son of a bitch boss chokes on his ham and cheese sandwich at lunch today. I’m being forced into taking on a shitload of additional responsibility with a raise small enough not to make a difference in my life but large enough to put me into another tax bracket.

Not only that, but I’ll have to travel 20 weeks per year and be away from my wife and newborn son. And if I don’t take this job, I won’t have one at all. SonofafuckingbitchIhatelife!!!!!”

That’s the reality of what many of us are dealing with every day. We just don’t hear it often.

And while people are much more open to talk about their workΒ  issues online, there is still something holding them back from being completely honest. And it’s called anonymity, and for the most part, we don’t have it.

What People Are REALLY Dealing With Out There

In my quest for truth, I stumbled onto a website called SecretTweet.com. It’s a site where people enter anonymous tweets about anything they want. Before you visit, be warned that there are plenty of sex related tweets here. Shocker, I know. This country is not obsessed with sex and porn….right…

Since it’s completely anonymous, you can imagine there is some seriously heavy shit on there. People with deep, dark secrets are finally able to get these things off their chests.

As you read through them, you begin to realize the mind frame of people. People are feeling hopeless, lost, depressed, and scared.

This is real truth.

This is why we need to wake people up to the fact that life does not need to be this bad. It really doesn’t. This is why I write this blog.

A few of these messages actually got me really choked up because of the emotional pain these people are going through. It’s really difficult to see some of the issues people are harboring.

As you can imagine, there are tons of tweets about all sorts of crazy stuff, so I searched for job related tweets. I was not so much shocked as I was saddened by what I read. As you will see, far too many people have hit the wall and need help badly. I only wish I could help them all.

So read these carefully and you will see exactly why we need to take action on creating our own futures and not be dependent on a “secure” job.

Some of these are funny, but most are gut wrenching to read…

The Secrets…

This is what we’re coming to here. Jobs are scarce and people are struggling to get by. This is the exact reason you need to get off your ass right now and start creating a business for yourself. You will never get fired from yourself.

Sadly, this is the story told my millions of people. A lack of proper education coupled with poor decisions. And by education, I don’t mean formal schooling, I mean they weren’t taught to create something for themselves. Instead, we’re taught to rely on our employer’s handouts.

The thought of being 50 and having nothing scares me to my core. It’s a very real possibility for many people. You have to decide now that you aren’t going to be one of them.

How many of us have been here? If you have, then you know how overwhelmingly depressing this is. If you haven’t, then thank God for that. You don’t ever want to be here. The unfortunate part is that this person is relying on someone else (a job) for their financial future. What about going out and creating something for yourself. I know it’s much easier said than done, but it can be done.

This is truly sad. Financial strain can be one of the hardest things you can deal with. I feel for this person and just wish they could see that there are plenty of opportunities out there. You just need to know how to find them.

This is a great example of one of the huge flaws in our society. We are led to believe that more education means a better job and more money. What we don’ t learn (until it’s too late), is that what it really means is much more debt and no guarantees whatsoever. In my interview with Leigh Peele, she told me that a fried of hers, who happens to have his PhD, is now working at Papa John’s because he can’t find a job.

Leigh also discusses the fact that she has no formal education, but rather has taught herself the skills to become very successful in her business.

This is a very common fear and one that will keep most of you in your jobs for the remainder of your lives. In the survey I ran last month, I saw this a lot in the responses. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with being afraid of failure (or flying), we need to get over it and just do it!

Wake up! I’m glad you can see that your job sucks and is totally wrong for you, but “can’t do anything else”?? Maybe this person is 16 years old and in that case, you’re excused because you’re too young to understand this shit. But regardless, this message stands for millions of others thinking.

People feel trapped. They feel trapped because of money, “security”, fear, lack of confidence, laziness, and indifference. There are tons of reasons that you might feel trapped, but you have to understand that the only trap is in your mind. There is no limit to what we can accomplish if we put forth the effort required. None whatsoever.

It’s great to see someone with passion for their business! Unfortunately, most businesses fail. The easiest solution is always going to be going out and getting yet another job. And then what? Waste 5 more years until you’re ready to start working on your business again?

Why not bust your ass like you never thought possible? Why not give it an honest 100%? Wouldn’t it be great not to have to find another job? Hell yes it would!

And by the way, your business is a real job!

Well, the world does need more strippers…

Seriously though, your education was not a waste! It might seem like it now, but it’s an experience you will always have. I’m not saying that it will help you in the job market or make more money, but having a degree is definitely an asset.

For those who are recent grads, make sure that you are pursuing your passion, not just trying to land a job that you think will be “good” or impress people. Make sure it’s good for you.

How many of us have sold our souls for money, prestige, or power? Far too many. We may sacrifice our happiness for a nice paycheck. We may give up our freedom for a “secure” job. We may fore go peace of mind for a high powered position.

We have to ask ourselves “At the end of the day (or our lifetimes), is it really worth it”? I say hell no!

In my opinion, this is the kind of thinking that can lead to great things. Once we know we don’t “need” our job, we can begin to explore our creativity and look at what we do want to do. Personally, I feel the exact same way. As much as it would suck in the short-term if I lost my job, it just might be the best thing that could ever happen to me.

What would you do if you got laid off today? Would you crawl under your covers and cry yourself to sleep? Or would you take it as an incredible opportunity to make big things happen for yourself?

I know this is a tough spot for the person with an employee mindset. While finding another job at this age might prove very difficult, you are never too old to start an online business. Now, I’m not championing online business as the solution to all problems, but it can be a great way to build something for yourself that cannot be taken away (unless of course, the Internet is shut down).

Welcome to corporate America, land of the boring and unfulfilling jobs. If you think the above scenario is a fluke, think again. This is the norm. People are bored stupid in their jobs and the best way (in their minds) is to piss away their days browsing around online.

If this is you, I urge you to do something creative with your time. If you have 7 hours to waste (and aren’t getting fired), then why not work on bettering your situation?

This is why I wrote this post. People won’t tell us that they’re miserable. I get it if you don’t want to be known as a complainer, but you’ve got to help yourself. Why are we fooling ourselves into being happy? Why not just be happy?

Do yourself a huge favor and stop pretending that your life is all rainbows and cupcakes and you have the most rewarding job in the world. If you work in social services or the Peace Corps, I might believe you because you are changing lives, but for the rest of us, it’s bullshit.

If I saw this in my Twitter stream, I would take it with a grain of salt. But the fact that it comes from an anonymous source tells me that it’s the real deal (no, it’s not me). This is really tough to read because this person clearly cannot take it anymore. Can you imagine feeling so hopeless in your job that you wanted to die???

No job is worth this kind of mental anguish. And certainly no boss…

Another person who put all their eggs into the “employee” basket. We must realize that life does not need to revolve around working for someone else. Don’t let your work status define you. There is nothing stopping you from being “somebody” again!

This is the #1 reason people feel trapped in their jobs. Responsibility. I have it, you have it, and it’s not going anywhere. The problem is that we view our jobs (you know, the place that pays us just as long as they decide to) as the key to providing for all of it.

What would happen if we took a chance and created a business for ourselves? It could fail, for sure. Could we always go back and get another job? I think so.

What will happen if you remain in your job for another 30 years? Yes, you will probably be able to pay your bills each month. But at what cost? Your happiness, freedom, and peace of mind are no longer in your control.

Where’s the real risk then?

Does This Wake You Up At All?

These are the things that people are dealing with every day of their lives. This is what’s going through the mind of your mailman that you see each day, the gas station attendant in your neighborhood, and the car salesman you bought your Honda from.

It has to stop.

What are YOU thinking?

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