50 Ways To Be Awesome Instead Of Ordinary

This article was originally posted on Life is nothing more than what we make of it. We can either live a life that inspires nobody or we can chose to live a life that inspires many. We can live with no regrets or many. And we can choose to live in a way that […]

6 Lessons I Learned From My Darkest Days Of Marriage And Divorce

This post was originally published on I though it was very relevant to all those who read this site, so here it is… In December, it will mark the three year anniversary since my initial separation and more than a year and a half since my divorce was made official. In that time, my […]


The Longest Product Launch In History

On a chilly autumn day almost 5 years ago, I sat down at my computer and started typing my first ever blog post. Roughly 30 minutes and 27 grammatical errors later, I was officially a blogger and ready to take the Internet by storm. Yes, was born on October 11, 2010 along with my […]


I Had A Dream….

Yes, I had a dream. Not quite as prolific as MLK, but significant in its own way. The other night I woke up freezing cold, yet my shirt was soaked with sweat. I was disoriented and in a sort of deep fog, the kind where you’re not quite sure if you’re asleep or awake (or […]


Life Doesn’t Get Better Until You Make It Better

Man, how life can change. It still blows my mind to think where I was just a few short years ago and where I am today. I’ve been thinking a lot about my past and all the things I could have done differently and there a few things that really stick out in my mind. […]


So Good I Can’t Be Ignored

As you may or may not have noticed, my frequency of posting on EndingTheGrind has slowed quite a bit over the last few months and there are a few reasons for this: I have been dealing with some highly stressful personal issues and it has taken its toll on me. I have been focusing the […]

kill you

5 Ways Life Is Trying To Kill You

During this past summer, my girlfriend and I embarked on an adventurous hike up Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park. And as we walked up the seemingly never ending path, fought off bird sized insects, and hoped not to fall to our certain deaths, I found a strange sense of peace in it all. […]


How To Stop Your Ego From Wrecking Your Dreams

This is a guest submission from Sarah Moore from Lots of people spend lots of time looking for lots of scapegoats on which to pin their bullshit. They rustle up elaborate excuses for their failed or stalled dreams, lovingly weave them into self-soothing tall tales, then make the rounds trying to convince other people […]

WTF Was I Thinking When I Walked Away From Two Ivy League Degrees?

This is a guest submission from Ling at I am a Misfit Rebel Maverick… always have been, always will be. I have cut off my limbs to fit into “other people’s boxes” and now I say “NO MORE!” for all of us. What tripped me off and caused me to go through years of […]


Baby Got Back

I bet you wish this was about booty shaking and early 90’s hip hop, don’t you?!? Unfortunately, it’s not quite as exciting as all that but I do want to talk about something that’s vital if you are looking to make a change in your life. And that’s having a support system. Whether it’s your […]