The REAL American Hustle

If you’re hoping this post has something to do with the movie, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Although, who doesn’t want to see Bradley Cooper sporting a sweet perm?!? The hustle I’m talking about is what put Gary V on the radar of every person out there who wants to live off of their passions […]


Shit Just Got Real

Today is a good day. Today marks a new beginning. Today I get to put my ass on the line for all to see. And So It Begins…. When I quit my job as a financial advisor for one of the largest investment firms in the world in October 2013, I told myself that I […]


It’s Time To Become A Rock Star

So I was sitting on my couch yesterday afternoon watching one of my favorite Gary Vaynerchuk clips on Youtube and decided to listen to some tunes. For some reason, I came across a concert video from an old school metal band (I used to be a headbanger in high school!) and started watching it. And […]


The Evolution Of An Inspired Blogger

It’s been 2 months since I’ve returned to blogging and honestly feel like I’m back home. This is where I find peace and happiness and know now with certainty that I want to make writing an instrumental part of my life. In the 2 years I was away, my life has changed dramatically. Quitting my […]

ungrateful bastard

5 Reasons Not To Be An Ungrateful Bastard

So there I was yesterday morning, just going about my business and planning my day out. My to do list, like most of yours, is about 30 things deep and I’m constantly struggling to keep up with all the things I need think I have to do. I had an appointment with one of my […]


Becoming A Change Agent One Grinder At A Time

In my quest to make this the best possible blog I can, I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time perusing through the thousands of comments and emails I’ve received over the last few years in search of useful information. What do my readers want? Why do they visit my site? Why do they care […]

12 lessons learned

8 Lessons Learned From 24 Months Away

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my departure from blogging and although I’ve been back writing here for 3 weeks, it’s still a significant day for me. When I left blogging in early 2012 to spend more time working my marriage, I left something behind that I felt was my calling. After many years […]


Life is Short…Do What You Love

I’ve spent this past week thinking about how to follow up on my last two posts. In years past, I had so much creative juice flowing through my head, it was easy to write post after post. Now that I’ve left my job and actually enjoy what I do, my mind is working in a […]

Poker chips

Risking It All For A New Grind

First off, I want to thank everyone who has come to support my relaunch of this blog. I wrote my first post in nearly 2 years recently and have received numerous comments and emails from people offering their support. I am humbled at all the wonderful thoughts you all have shared with me. The BIG […]


Reawakening The Grinder

Tweet I’ve been on the verge of writing this post for a long while now and up until today, it just hasn’t felt right. It’s coming up on 2 years since I last wrote something for this site but I must say with all honestly that I knew one day I’d be back. And today […]